What vinyl do you use?

This depends on the application. For vehicles we use cast vinyl, this is the thinnest, most conformable and has the least shrinkage. For building signs we will often use a polymeric vinyl. Our aim is to select the best material for the type of sign that you want made.

What brand material do you use?

There are numerous brands on the market from all around the world. rather than stick to one particular brand we aim to use the best [product for the sign you require. This could be 3MTM; AveryTM, CalonTM or any other brand. If you want us to use a specific brand we are happy to discuss it with you.

Do you do the window signs?

Yes we do. This goes under many different names, we choose to call it "perforated window film". The use of this can increase the amount of space on the back of a vehicle by 200%, which means greater exposure for your business or product. NOTE: It is vitally important that this product is laminated with an "optically clear" laminate. An ordinary clear film will have adhesive that creates a blurred effect. Failure to laminate it will allow water to collect in the holes and seriously affect the visibility through the window.

What is a vehicle wrap?

This is where part or all of the vehicle is covered in either plain coloured or digitally printed adhesive vinyl. The wrap may be just the rear of the vehicle, the lower section, the whole vehicle or anything in between. This makes the best use of the advertising space taht the vehicle provides. We can design a graphic that will have the WOW factor to get you noticed.